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As an academic researcher Kate has been involved in working on several academic articles. Recent articles published, include:

Kate has been highlighted as one of the UK's leading nutritionists, and is frequently asked to comment in the media. Kate is also a qualified pet nutritionist having undertaken a pet nutrition diploma and a further canine nutrition diploma.

As a member of the Soil Association, who are leading the movement towards ‘a world with good health, in balance with nature and a safe climate’, Kate is committed to supporting the association's aims, including public education on nutrition and campaigning for local purchasing.

At KLW Nutrition®, we are committed to minimising waste as this is a great approach to living more sustainably and helping to protect the planet. In the UK alone, over 5 million tonnes of plastic is used each year and only 25% of this is recycled. We use recyclable glass jars for My Immune Hero and recyclable plastic for My Skin Heroand we don’t use separate boxes to contain our products, as minimising waste is a key commitment for us at KLW Nutrition®.

Outside of work, as a hearing aid wearer with severe hearing loss, Kate is committed to raising awareness of hearing loss, and reducing the stigma surrounding wearing hearing aids. This summer, Kate filmed a film for BBC Morning Live, which looks at communication for those who are deaf, with hearing loss or visually impaired.

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  • Alex Leigh, Model and Influencer

    ‘My skin has improved massively – just look at my before and after

  • Carlin Isles - Fastest Man in World Rugby, USA 100m sprinter, USA Rugby 7s.

    "Kate, you are absolutely amazing and I am so glad I have you in my life!"

  • Sophie Barton, Journalist and former Executive Director of Closer Magazine.

    “For me, its helped greatly both physically and mentally. The difference to my emotional well-being has been fantastic. I’m less anxious, more balanced and more positive. It literally feels like a cloud has been lifted. Thank you!”

  • Phil Greening, former England rugby player and British Lion. Founder ofThe Athlete Factory.

     "I have really benefited from benefiting from Kate’s expertise - if only I had had this during my playing days. I also coach the USA Rugby 7s squad, and they have experienced some fantastic results following their personalised advice from