Evidence-based supplements, supported by science - to help you be as healthy as possible.

Formulated by our founder, Kate Llewellyn-Waters, who is a MSc. qualified nutritionist, academic researcher, author of The Immunity Cookbook & resident nutritionist on Channel 5’s "You Are What You Eat”.

It's a minefield finding a supplement that you can rely on and that will do you good not harm. In 2020, Kate realised there wasn’t an immunity-supporting supplement out there that ticked all the boxes and one she personally wanted to supplement with during the pandemic. Hence, her quest and research to formulate an evidence-based immunity supplement to support hers and your immune system began.

And after 3 years of research, Kate created My Immune Hero™ which is a completely unique and powerful nutrient blend of vitamins, minerals, organic mushrooms, organic acerola fruit, organic turmeric root and organic black pepper. At KLW Nutrition® we are focused on bringing you effective, evidence-based supplements, which are free from harmful fillers that have been shown to impact gut health, alter metabolism and lead to inflammation. Our products are free from all chemical additives - no stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives, colours or added sweeteners.

Additionally, over the last few years, Kate has been following the increasing research regarding the impact of collagen on skin and joint health. After trialling her own formulated blend of premium hydrolysed marine collagen with vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid for 6 months and seeing the effect and improvement on her own skin and reduction in knee pain when running she decided to launch My Skin Hero™